Asa Vandrarhem


There are lots of things to see and do in Asa. Here you will feel the woods, the lake and the fresh air call on your senses. Old, beautiful forests blends in with open fields and waters are perfect for fishing and canoeing.


Several short and long paths and trails pass Asa. Some of them have resting points offering windbreaks for those you who would like to spend the night outdoors. On the lakeside, a few kilometers south of the hostel you will find a large, roofed barbecue site for our hungry guests who wish to socialise and enjoy the lake view.


Asa is situated on a number of excellent hiking trails. The Sigfrid Trail leads from Växjö in the south while hikers from the north arrive along the Högland Trail. Both trails take you just past the youth hostel.


Bicycles can be rented at the hostel for daytrips or if you feel up to the challenge of the Högland Trail, which runs past Asa.

Wood-fired sauna

A wood-fired sauna is available on the shore of Lake Asasjön. It’s perfect if you would like to get warm after a long day outdoors or perhaps try a winther swim in the lake. The sauna can be rented for an evening and rental includes firewood.

Café Friheten

Enjoy a coffee break, an ice cream or other refereshments in Café Friheten, which is located in the youth hostel. During summer it is open every day. The café also sells a range of locally designed handicrafts.