Asa Vandrarhem

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In Asa

Asa Manor has been an important estate since the 14th century. The current main building was finished in 1790 and today the manor is a classy hotel and conference centre. Read more about Asa Manor, the history, the restaurant and opening hours here.

Behind the manor lies the Asa Experimental Forest and Research Station. The station covers 2000 acres of land around Asa. 80 percent of the land is covered by forest. If you are walking or biking around the woods of Asa you will probably come across various measuring or test instruments, plantings or collection sports. Please do not touch these. The research station is part of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Asa Local History Association keeps the history of Asa alive. A few hundred metres from the Youth Hostel you will find a small collection of old soldier and farmers’ cottages. The oldest is belived to be built in the 17th century. The Hembygdsgård (as we call it in Swedish) is also where people gather to celebrate midsummer.

Asa Church is a good example of the Swedish noveau classic building style. Especially the roof of the tower and the ceiling paintings by the renowned church painter Per Hörberg are noteworthy. The church is open every day.

A stone’s throw from the hostel you find the old mill. The mill was built to supply the manor with flour and was up and running until 1970. Most of the interior is left as it was as the weels stopped turning. The mill is only open occasionally.

If you walk south along the Sigfried trail, you might want to take a break at the Forest Temple. Complete with altar, bell and benches the church is in use every summer. Almost every year couples choose the take their wows here among singing trees and moss-covered stones.

In Asa there are also a few ancient monuments and remains. By the lake there is an old burial site and on the eastern side of the lake you find the remains of a wolftrap. In the 14th century it was mandatory for all villages to maintain such traps. If you choose to believe the old sayings, the Viking god Oden is supposed to rest in Asa next to the mansion.

Smålands Museum owns the old streamer Thor which cruises around Helgasjön during summer. The dinnercruise to Asa on Sundays is very popular and must be booked in advance. The steamer departs from Kronoberg Castle and heads north to the lockage in Åby then ties up at the Mansion. The steamer also sail other tours and can be rented for private parties.

Within 25 km

At Hulta Klint you find Singoalla’s cave. Allegedly this is the setting that inspired the famous Swedish writer to write his novel Singoalla.

Nykulla Watchtower is the only watchtower in Kronoberg. The tower was built in 1958 and measures 25 metres. Standing at its highest point it rises 258 metres above sea level and on a clear day it is possible to spot no less than 10 churches from here. The tower also holds a museum of local history. Open daily in July and weekends during the summer.

In and around Ramkvilla there are several mines. Hörnebo slate quarry is the most noteworthy. Occasionally it lends its dramatic setting to classic concerts.

Exceptional craftmansship and innovative design characterize the Swedish furniture designers. Meet them all in Lammhult.

In the middle of nowhere you find antiques and a well equipped flea market at Brottsahemmet. For a larger selection, bigger pieces of furniture, and larger crowds check out Östregårds antik och loppmarknad in Moheda.

Experience the landscape from the back of an Icelandic pony at Lövshult Tourist Centre.

Within 50 km

Adventures, mind games and challenges for kids and adults at BodaBorg in Sävsjö.

Travel with style and experience the history of the railways in southern Sweden at the Ohs Railway Museum. Both electric and steam engines are in traffic during summer.

In Växjö there are plenty of things to see and do. Why not save seek out some great shopping or try the Swedish cuisine. Växjö Turist Centre will help you find what you are looking for.

A few other cities also have tourist centres. Visit Sävsjö, Vetlanda or Värnamo.

Within 100 km

The Swedish glassworks indicate an important and distinguished part of the Swedish cultural and industrial heritage. Here in Småland you will find no less than 15 glassworks only a few kilometres apart.

Discover the old classics, the modern design and the outlets in The kingdom of Chrystal.

The largest skiing resort in the south of Sweden. Isaberg in Gislaved

Meet Pippi, the Lionheart brothers and other lively characters of Astrid Lindgren’s World.

The Wild West is here in Småland. Cowboy town High Chaparral is situated west of Värnamo

For more information go to Visit Småland.